Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Current Affairs 2013

Book  “Walking with Lions : Tales from a Diplomatic Past” written by Shri K. Natwar Singh, former Union Minister for External Affairs 

March 8 2013:

Cabinet approves the Rights of citizens for timebound delivery of Goods and services & redressal of their Grievances Bill 2011 and will have to passed by Parliament to become Law now
Bill Aims to promote Transparency and accountability in the Govt's Service Delivery system. 
Includes Constituional bodies Statutory bodies, Public Private Partnerships, NGO's funded by Govt Etc 
This will Direct the Public authorities to Publish the Citizen Charter detailing the services they offer, Quality of services to be provided and Timeline for   Delivery.
Note: We can Recall here the Karnataka Gurantee of Services to Citizens Act or Sakala Here. 

Opposition Critising the bill that its in line with the Spirit of Federation, saying that Centre should only provide the model and not dictate the states, also that Many states like J&K, UP, Himachal, Rajasthan have already enacted Citizen Charter Acts. 

First Annual Tagore Award was presented to Sitar Maestro Latee Pandit Ravishankar by President.
D.H Waghela has been appointed as the Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court, He succeeded Justice Vikramajit Sen.

Jan 2013:

1.Wind power in Karnataka 
    (Source: The hindu)
  • According to a Study conducted by Center for study of science Technology and policy (CSTEP) Wastelands are a potential source of Wind power 
  • CSTEP and Bangalore based research institute has estimated that on-shore wind power potential of Karnataka can go up several times if Turbines powered by Taller Windmills are installed.
  • Its said that report is more authentic as Geographical information system was used to map out the wastelands as well as areas rich in Wind potential.
  • Wastelands in Karnataka Could generate at-least power capacity of 50,000 MW of wind energy with turbines fitted with a height of 80 meters,according to the study.
  • The identified districts with good wind power potential are Bellary, Chitradurga Chamarajnagar, Chikkaballapur, and parts of Hasan, Koppal , Bijapur,Chikmagalur and Kolar
  • Study revealed that 5% of the Wind rich agricultural lands could amount to 20,000 MW wind power generation.
  • Also its said that Together Andhrapradesh and Karnataka Amount for a fourth of country's wind power potential.


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can you just refer some good ENGLISH books for Karnataka geography and Karnataka economics/economy (including the updated details of corps,resources,GDP,human development index etc..)Geography Of Karnataka by Ss Nanjannavar, Mn Meera naik in this book data seems very old only till 2008 -09 update no information...pls suggest some good English medium book for this


Ashwini said...


Check Ranganath's Karnataka Geography book 2011 edition.Latest data may not be available in most of the books... so it is better to depend on these books only for concepts and basics... and for Latest information Always refer Economic survey... RDPR reports or Current Magazines...

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Also Before buying the books Check the year of Publishing... Buy the latest edition

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Thanks a Lot Mohan :) ... It is really very helpful for Kannada medium students.

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hi friends, ther is a change in upsc mains syllabus. der s a discussion in upsc dat in genral studies mains instead of 600marks der vl b 1200 marks, where as in optionals instestead of 1200, der vl b 600 marks. if so kpsc is a blind follower of upsc, can we expect same pattern in kpsc???????


though KPSC is mere follower of UPSC, we cannot expect the change to be happened in this year i think. they need lot of expertise to come up with such an extensive examination for GS as proposed in UPSC

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Mohan I am Thanking you Again for helping us know about this site, Its really very helpful for Kannada medium students. In an era when almost everything is available on Internet, Very less is available on regional language front. Thanks again on behalf of Kannada Medium readers of this blog.

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No blogs of KAS are there, This is the only blog having most of the info regarding KAS,You can ask ur doubts here itself na? also want some KAS groups are there in Facebook, u can join.

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I am appearing for KPSC Gazetted PO exam 2015 for the first time.Since iam married i need to shoulder a lot of resonsibilities in a joint running short of time for preparation, can you just refer some good ENGLISH books for Paper 1 and paper 2 including Karnataka eography,history and Karnataka economics/economy (including the updated details of corps,resources,GDP,human development index).

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